Pettus ISD school board, Part 1
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The recent articles in the Bee-Picayune about the Pettus community have left many people outraged. Most are afraid to speak up for fear of being harassed or threatened. I am writing this on behalf of myself, my family and those who have not spoken.

There are many issues that have been left out, even after personally speaking to the author of the recent articles. This is not right or fair! Some people rely strictly on what is written in the paper or what others say or think without going to meetings to hear it firsthand.

Our former superintendent, Brian Thompson, was hired in June 2012. Before this, he served as our high school principal and was voted in by some board members without experience as a superintendant. Our board president at this time was Jaime Rodriguez. After the summer and two months into school, he pushed that the superintendent be evaluated at this time before the new board members were elected. Do you think that was fair to Mr. Thompson? Not all the board members agreed with this either. Do you, the community, think that time was appropriate to evaluate him and give him another two years without him being able to prove that he was the man for this position? For whatever selfish reason, the few board members that were in favor of this did not think of Mr. Thompson’s best interest or the taxpayers.

First of all, at the last meeting, Danny Foley and others were referring to the attorney as being the board president attorney. When I spoke at the meeting I cleared this up for everyone who believed this lie. He is the school’s attorney, not the president of the school board. And this, of course, was left out.

If you have ever attended any meetings where the total amount of speakers will determine the amount of time each one will be able to talk? This is not the president’s decision. I myself had a full speech that could have taken longer than five minutes but chose to cut my speech short in agreement with the two-minute limit decision.

Prior to the meeting on Thursday at the community center, there were flyers sent out encouraging community members to attend regarding “recent board decisions and concerns about our taxpayers’ money.” Never did it say on there or did I hear that it was in protest against the board members decisions. I attended, and I know for a fact that there were people there against Mr. Thompson. The newspaper stated that all were supporters of Mr. Thompson. At this meeting, many people spoke and voiced their concerns on both sides, and when the paper was published on Friday, only one side was heard.

Missy Dunn
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