More water issues
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Mr. Carlos Perez, have you heard the quote “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”? Where on earth were you during the more than two months of meetings of the city’s Water Committee? I have a folder more than four inches thick with multiple engineers’ reports and cost analyses just to name a few. I know that you got everything that I have; perhaps you might actually read them and quit implying that there is no accurate information or hard facts on plans other than those of BDA. In particular, quit blaming the city manager for all of your woes!

As for the failed city bond election, why don’t you just go to your storage facility and read what is on the signs that were financed by BDA supporters. They read: “Your taxes will go up 49%.” This is what the voters turned down, not reverse osmosis! Since we are on the subject of signs, where is the “lower cost option” headlined in your signs? Two months of meetings and not one “lower cost option” offered up by you or your buddies (one of whom didn’t say two words during the entire two months!).

As for your comments about our city manager, Ms. Balli, you are totally out in left field. If you had bothered to look, you would have seen that she came back with a handful of papers ready to give a report on the cost of water if obtained from Chase Field, but the mayor did not call for the information. After Ms. Balli was promoted to her current position, I thought that, in addition to her excellent qualifications, she would bring a great deal of impartiality to the City Hall decision-making process. In fact, she has done exactly that and has succeeded in not falling prey to the City Hall special interests. She has shown herself to be a strong, competent woman with good decision-making skills. She has also provided a good counter-balance to the predominately male city council. Now, the very traits that have helped her be a success are threatening her job because certain council members will not permit her to do her job in accordance with the city charter and state law, and, more importantly, they think that because of her gender she doesn’t know her place. I hope these rogue and arrogant council members think twice before trying to get rid of this woman who has been such a positive addition to this community.

I have had the pleasure of consulting with Ms. Balli on numerous occasions concerning other city related issues since she became city manager and have found her to be very helpful and efficient. Everyone should be grateful that she cares about the welfare of the citizens of our city, which is a lot more than can be said of a lot of people involved in this situation who only have their own special interests in mind.  

Teresa Holland
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