Fun and games must stop
by Chip Latcham
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Thursday’s banner headline in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times announced “Sequester cuts Navy air show,” which probably saddened battalions of Blue Angels/aerobatics aficionados across the Coastal Bend.

Many more residents are bracing for sequestration’s more far-reaching effects: thousands of civilian workers facing furloughs at the C.C. Army Depot or other military installations.

However, spoken as members of a small community that suffered the direct impact of a decision to close its naval base two decades ago (allegedly for cost savings), you had just better accept the consequences and move on. Some sacrifices are going to have to be made for the good of this country.

This nation is going broke. Trillion-dollar deficits are mind-boggling and there’s no end in sight. If we keep it up, we’ll be in the same boat as Greece. We have got to start cutting back somewhere. And sequestration’s really not budget cuts at all, just reductions in the amount of increased spending for the next fiscal year.

We can understand the frustration of those whose lives are greatly affected. But until President Obama and the leaders of Congress get serious about determining where we can make legitimate spending cuts, including entitlements, our national debt and deficit will continue to spiral out of control. And we don’t mean non-consequential actions like closing the White House to spring tourists. Sheesh.

The ball now is squarely in the court of Barack Obama, Senate Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker John Boehner, Rep. Paul Ryan and other key players in Washington, D.C.

We sincerely hope they can pull their heads away from their March Madness brackets long enough to deal with the madness that is causing our nation’s economic crisis.

Before we all crash and burn.

– Chip Latcham
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