Deny terrorists victory
by Chip Latcham
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Thankfully no Bee Countians (that we know of) were near the finish line at the Boston Marathon on Monday afternoon.

The local running community knew of no participants from here, and those residents who have loved ones in Boston were eager to learn they were far from the scene of the crime.

Yet how do we deal with the new norm – living in America post 9/11, and now after the cruel and cowardly twin bomb attacks at the conclusion of a world-famous sporting event?

Perhaps, we could take notes from the people of Boston, who, according to news reports, were shaken but determined to return to their workday routines on Tuesday.

Despite the explosions which claimed three lives, maimed and injured dozens and shattered the calm of a beautiful day, the citizens wanted to return to work as a message of defiance to the perpetrators – whether home-grown terrorists or al-Qaeda extremists.

“I simply refuse to let a few deranged people intimidate me and get me away from my routine,” said an information technology manager for a Boston pharmaceutical company.

Yet, these bombings leave us feeling extremely vulnerable. It seems now that evildoers can target Americans anywhere they gather at any time, even when having fun.

In a column Tuesday on Fox News, Dr. Keith Ablow pointed out, “We are vulnerable, because we are free and strong. These qualities attract the ire of those who would have us shackled and weak, who are consumed by hatred for individual possibilities, rather than love for what a free person can dream about and strive for and accomplish.”

He added we should tell our children this: “We are attacked in America because we speak about and believe in the power of people to guide themselves through life, to make their own decisions, to think their own thoughts, to speak freely and to pursue their own happiness.”

So how best to defeat the terrorists? Be vigilant of suspicious activity, especially in a crowd; however, do what you were planning to do anyway.

Gather up the family and go to a ball game. Take your spouse or significant other and attend a concert or play. Get your friends and join a watercolor workshop. Run a marathon or 5K race. Attend a prayer service. Go fishing.

For those of us far from Boston, the best way to fight back is to show to these cowards that we are Americans and we won’t cower in fear.

– Chip Latcham
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