Bulk and brush pickup thoughts
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I know for a fact that the City of Beeville has approximately 5,000 customers that would be affected by the tax increase to pick up the bulk and the brush.

If the bulk pickup is for $2.95 a month per customer, at 5,000 customers, that will come out to $14,750 a month for a total of $177,000 a year.

This sounds like a good price since I know Mr. Buddy Hardy is doing his best as a code enforcer. But let’s face it, the bulk trash is getting out of control, and the time it takes to find the guilty person is more of a loss than a gain for the city’s budget. I do not mind Republic Services doing the work, but who is going to monitor the RV parks and apartments? Who is going to monitor and who is going to pay for the bulk items thrown in vacant lots?

Many of you people in the council maybe don’t remember when the city decided to pick up brush around the neighborhoods, but the fact is that we are already getting charged for the brush pickup.

Than again, if you have 5,000 customers and charge $6.45 per month for brush pickup, it will be $32,250 for a total of $387,000 a year.

With a cost of $2.95 for bulk and a cost of $6.45 for brush, the total comes out to $564,000 a year.

No disrespect to Mr. Michael Reeves from Republic Services, but has Republic Services offered to hire our city employees? Do our city leaders know that Republic Services pays their resident Class A or Class B employees from $135 to $155 a day?

If the city council is persistent in adding taxes to our city services, than let’s keep the money in Beeville. Our city employees are doing an excellent job in picking up the brush and can do just as good of a job picking up bulk. Does our city council know that our city employees picking up brush make $95 a day? Our city leaders are always trying to bring businesses into our city; we already have a business here, with our city employees. Let’s keep that business here!

Rogelio “Roy” Galvan

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