Above the law?
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Mr. (John) Fulghum, Mr. (David) Carabajal and Mr. (Jimbo) Martinez, you are dishonorable men.

Beeville’s City Charter dictates that you are to take a specific oath of office when elected to serve on our City Council. You are to swear that you will preserve, protect and defend the charter and ordinances of this city. You have not honored that oath and have intentionally voted to not follow the ordinances or charter when you allowed Archer RV Park to be developed in the area that it’s located.

Ladies and gentlemen, that area is a flood zone! They allowed this to be constructed without state, federal and local permits. They allowed tons of dirt to be shifted and added to this area, potentially changing flood plain boundaries and watershed flows. A 4-1 vote by council was also required to pass this into existence, per charter, but they passed it with a 3-2 vote. Many laws have been violated! I want to know which of these three men are going to come to the aid of the public if Elwood Terrace floods, or Emma Finke floods, or the low part of North Archer floods as a result of their actions. And what about the campers in that flood area? Do they even know they’re in a flood zone? Has everyone forgotten what happens when it rains? That property collects runoff from the north, south and west of that property. What happens when Highway 181 drainage backs up? That whole area used to flood. Due to current topography changes, I wonder which direction that water is going to back up into now?

Mr. Fulghum, you made the first motion to make this happen. Mr. Carabajal, you seconded that motion. Mr. Martinez, you passed this into existence with your vote. You three should be ashamed of your inappropriate behavior and the potential harm you have placed on the citizens of this city by not following the laws you swore to uphold!

Mr. (former City Manager Tom) Ginter and Mr. (Lanny) Holland, I only asked all of you that you follow the law. If the permit to build this park was the reason you two are no longer here, I think you were wrongfully terminated; as it seems these three men made you scapegoats when they told you it was wrong, then voted to allow it anyway. Why didn’t they just void the wrongfully-issued permit? And these three are leaders of our community? Heaven help us! Apparently, the law is beneath them.


Diane Slayton
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