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April 19, 2016
Andy was a good man, that my husband and I were able to get to know through his training at Anytime Fitness. Andy soon became a good friend, because what do you do when you train, you visit! Andy visited WELL! He was religious, HE LOVED HIS SON more than anything on this Earth and he loved helping others. Andy motivated me and my husband to push ourselves a little further each time and not settle for less than the best. It was the hardest thing to do, walking into Anytime Fitness on MONDAY, knowing my BOSS (the nice nickname I called him)was not going to be bopping in with a new EXERCISE idea for the day. ANDY, I loved you as a brother and I will miss you dearly. Caleb, KNOW that your daddy LOVED YOU SOOOO MUCH! With a saddened heart, Susan and Jim Crumrine
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