A time to mourn
by Chip Latcham
08:00 AM, Friday, August 19
There are no words. Wednesday’s front page of The Progress carried the incredibly sad story of the death of a teenager in a freak accident on Aug. 10. According to the sheriff’s report, two teens were hunting rabbits at a ranch off U.S. 59 about 1...

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Drought devastating Vineyard
Now is the time for Beeville citizens who have been blessed with the means to do so to help those less fortunate. The...
08:00 AM, Saturday, July 23
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Vision for learning emphasized
Thank you, Superintendent Marc Puig and the Beeville public school trustees, for keeping your priorities straight. In...
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Unity, love, respect desperately needed
It’s been almost a week since the Dallas police shootings, and this nation continues to mourn this senseless loss of ...
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Acts of kindness appreciated
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Fourth fun will ignite Saturday back at college
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02:00 PM, Wednesday, June 29
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What’s going on? Mercy, mercy
What the blazes is going on around here? First, Beeville police officials are investigating a young man’s body found ...
12:13 PM, Wednesday, June 22
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Energetic attention grabber
For those who are feeling drained by the first summer heat spell, or staggered by oppressive commercial property appr...
08:00 AM, Monday, June 20
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