Cleaning up some well-deserved honors
by Chip Latcham
10:00 AM, Sunday, September 25
Three cheers for the City of Beeville employees who are preparing to come down hard on those who fail to comply with cleaning up their property. City officials Frank Resendez and Buddy Hardy announced that residents will have 10 days in order to c...

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Safety's their mission
It goes without saying we have a lot of criminal activity throughout the Coastal Bend. In the last few editions, Bee-...
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A time to mourn
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Off the old block: Importance of stepping up
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08:00 AM, Sunday, August 14
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Where there’s extreme heat ... there’s no need to add fire
Hot and dry for the foreseeable future, with heat index values exceeding 110 degrees. It appears anyone with a pulse ...
10:00 AM, Friday, August 12
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Regretful acts of desperation
Desperation is a dangerous foe. It can lead to life-altering decisions with consequences. A case in point is the lead...
12:00 PM, Thursday, August 11
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