Drought devastating Vineyard
by Chip Latcham
08:00 AM, Saturday, July 23
Now is the time for Beeville citizens who have been blessed with the means to do so to help those less fortunate. The long, hot summer is always a tough time for nonprofits in South Texas, and this year has been particularly problematic with the e...

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08:00 AM, Monday, June 20
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Sad state of affairs following national tragedy
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08:00 AM, Monday, June 20
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BCAD’s dog don’t hunt
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02:30 PM, Friday, June 17
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New norm’s disturbing
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10:00 AM, Wednesday, June 15
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Appraisal district turns blind eye to vacant storefronts, ...
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12:00 PM, Saturday, June 11
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Something worth singing about
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10:00 AM, Friday, June 10
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Bee County Appraisal District: Doing its best to destroy t...
If you’ve been hearing “pops” and “plops” regularly the last few weeks, it’s the sound of taxpayers opening their pro...
01:54 PM, Wednesday, June 08
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Off to fresh start in BISD
Just three weeks ago, we welcomed Jerry Bomar to Beeville as the new Trojan athletic director and head football coach...
05:15 PM, Friday, June 03
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Chase runways going hot
The move to open Chase Field’s world-class runway as a public airport has always had the feeling of inevitability. It...
02:02 PM, Wednesday, June 01
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