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My name is Mackey Torres, and I am the new regional editor for the Beeville Publishing Co.

My parents are from the Philippines, and I was born in Queens, New York, but moved to Houston when I was three. I lived in Houston for about 20 years and graduated from the University of Houston last December.

I’ve most recently worked for the Houston Chronicle, the Houston Press and The Overtime Page. I really enjoy hearing stories from people, and getting to tell them has been an honor.

I’m also big into sports, with most of my past coverage being in sports, ranging from football and basketball all the way to archery. I’ve covered games, charity events and even press conferences, including Dwight Howard’s Houston Rockets press conference, where I appeared on ESPN in the background, because I sat behind Hakeem Olajuwon. I’m also a huge fan of the New York Knicks and Houston Texans.

The Beeville community has welcomed me with open arms, and I look forward to working here.




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