One for the road by Jason_Collins
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Online spam
by Jason_Collins
Jun 15, 2010 | 772 views | 1 1 comments | 9 9 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink
Some of you may have noticed an influx of spam like blogs hitting our site.
We are working to remedy that problem but it might take a bit of time.
So, for now, I would avoid the “click here for reverse cell phone director” listings.
None appear to be viruses so you should be safe there. (Yes I clicked on the link to check but don’t tell our computer guy.)

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June 18, 2010
I saw that Mister. I can't believe you clicked on a link!

Yes, I did say Bacon Jam
by Jason_Collins
Dec 09, 2009 | 926 views | 1 1 comments | 16 16 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink
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Culinary exploration can be dangerous.

So many times, recommendations of dishes and meals are disappointments to the taste buds.

But this is not always the case.

I speak specifically of Bacon Jam.

Yes, the name conjures images of congealed meat in a gummy white paste of fat. It might even make some think of spam but with a more glamorous name.

But it is not.

The concoction is the wondrous invention of Skillets Street Food.

Their description

“It is something we’ve been cooking up for a couple of years now on our trailers and for our burgers

…….we take a big bunch of really really good bacon, and render it down... add a bunch of spices... onions, etc... and let it simmer for about 6 hours… give it a quick puree, and blast chill it… and you have bacon jam..”

My description

It is a combination of bacon (that glorious cured meat mostly like sent to Earth from Mount Olympus) and spices that after one small bite will reveal the secrets of the universe.

So maybe I am exaggerating a bit on my description although only slightly.

Truthfully, the bacon flavor is not overpowering and well balanced with what I would describe as a relish mixture. Fat is there but not in massive quantities.

Unfortunately, finding the containers in Beeville is impossible. (At least as far as I know.) So ordering online is the only option.

But at $12 for an 8 ounce jar, it can get expensive. Find it online at

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December 09, 2009
I can feel my arteries clogging just reading the description, but it does sound good.....

Picture it - snow
by Jason_Collins
Dec 07, 2009 | 1073 views | 1 1 comments | 13 13 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

So were you out and about during the great snowstorm of 2009?

So maybe calling it the “great snowstorm of 2009” is a bit of a stretch. But down here, isn’t any snow a time to celebrate?

If you took photos, we would like to publish them in our online contributed photos sections.

Just use the form at

If you get a moment, check out our video by Scott Reese Willey of the snow in downtown Beeville.

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December 07, 2009
This is a great way to get online users active in posting pictures of the surrounding environment in Beeville.

All bloggers, please read before posting another blog or comment
by Jason_Collins
Nov 30, 2009 | 2303 views | 26 26 comments | 21 21 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

To all the bloggers out there...

The constant back and forth needs to stop.

If a blogger wants to use their real name, then that is fine. If not, then quit pressing the issue. Posting screen shots from other sources for no other reason than to annoy both current and former bloggers is not allowed.

When we started using the blogging system we had high hopes of open discussion. It seems that a few of you are doing what you can to dominate the conversations and antagonizing those that don’t agree with you.

This is happening on both sides and either it stops or user accounts will be disabled.

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December 10, 2009

Personally, I could care less what people think of my opinions--they are what they are--opinions brought forth by me---

I must agree with you on the spy ware and staying logged on this site. That's the reason I'm no longer posting except for a quick jab very now and then. Too much of a hassle--computer bogs down, etc. and this is the only site that does that to my computer. See you at the rodeo.

Beeville goes 3G
by Jason_Collins
Oct 22, 2009 | 963 views | 1 1 comments | 13 13 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

It’s finally here. Yes, the many iPhone users out there can rejoice.

Beeville has 3G.

I wish I could tell you when the switch was flipped. All I know is that I noticed it at lunch.

It isn’t just for iPhone obviously but that is what I have in my pocket so I am using it as my reference.

(Those of you on other careers, please keep your snickering to a minimum. Let us feel superior for just a moment please.)

It was about six months ago that AT&T sent out the news release stating that the city was getting this faster service.

As the months went by I actually lost hope.

Is tethering next? Probably not. It took this long to get 3G and we won’t even bring up how long it took to get MMS messaging on the iPhone.

A quick speed test showed 1,791 kbps down and 194 kbps up. I won’t complain but it won’t make me turnoff my wifi.

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October 23, 2009
I know you said to keep the snickering to a minimum but come on...Verizon Wireless has 3G in Beeville since 2007. I gave up on AT&T when it was still Southwestern Bell Wireless around here.

Corn chowder, winter weather and maybe a bottle of wine
by Jason_Collins
Sep 22, 2009 | 815 views | 1 1 comments | 11 11 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

It is finally here and what better way to mark the equinox than with a nice norther blowing across the countryside.

Many years ago, today would have been marked by celebrations of dance and song. But society has changed.

So instead of a week of celebrating, I will settle for one of my favorite winter meals this evening – corn chowder.

My wife has been talking about it now for the past two weeks. Well, she also mentioned oxtail, fish chowder and dumplings but those will wait until later in the year when the winds have a bit more bite to them.

Its fun to cook during the summer. The meals are lighter with more fruits and raw, fresh vegetables. But winter meals far surpass these in terms of comfort.

Yea, they are fattening. Starches, in excess, aren't healthy but that is fine. Autumn also means more time outside catching up on the things that got postponed because of the 100-degree days. More work means more calories burned so I don't feel so bad.

We might even open that bottle of wine that has been sitting in the house for a couple of weeks now.

This is definitely a time to celebrate.

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September 23, 2009
Wonderful idea. We relish the idea of preparing, serving and eating soups, stews and chili when the weather turns cooler. Which in South Texas means anything under 90!


You will always be Pastor Bill
by Jason_Collins
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Throughout our lives we meet so many people and most are forgotten within minutes of shaking their hands.

Some, however, stay in our memories for one reason or another.

On Sunday, we bid farewell to our pastor in Victoria. The service would have been easier had it been a farewell to him as he was moving to another congregation.

It wasn't.

We bid farewell knowing that within the next two years or so we would be attending his funeral.

“From now on I will no longer be Pastor Bill. You can just call me Bill,” he said during his sermon.

Not sure I will ever call him anything but Pastor Bill.

He married me and my wife some years ago. So for that I am grateful. Without her, I wouldn't be the man I am today.

Beyond that, I see Pastor Bill as the person we should all strive to be. He is one of those people that you see as generally a kind person.

I have met a lot of people and know that their actions are kind at the time. But with him, you feel as though his compassion for you comes from somewhere deep inside.

Yes, pastors are by nature compassionate, kind and caring – but not all have that aura around them that is comforting to just be near.

He always said that everyone mattered. The workingman was just as important as the millionaire. Everyone was worth listening to.

He makes this world a better place and I hope he stays around for as long as he can.

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They're coming to take me away.
by Jason_Collins
Jun 05, 2009 | 1239 views | 1 1 comments | 12 12 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

Ever have one of those days?


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June 08, 2009
That ol' song reminded me of an email I got a while back...

Food for a memory
by Jason_Collins
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This past week, my wife and I tried our hands at Vietnamese Bun noodle bowl.

It is an interesting dish comprised mainly of rice noodles which, by themselves, are almost flavorless.

This dish gave me a chance to try a flavoring I have never cooked with – fish sauce.

For those who don't know what fish sauce is... you probably don't want to know. It is best to describe it simply as the Vietnamese version of soy sauce.

Making the dish brought back memories much like any good photo would do.

It wasn't long ago that a friend of ours ordered this while at a small restaurant in San Antonio.

The smell of the cooking food brought back the memories of that day and the opera we had gone to see.

Food is like that though. It is more than just something to keep you going through the day.

It can foster up memories of days gone by, friends and other events that otherwise might fade.

Our dish wasn't exactly as it was at the restaurant. But it was close enough.

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May 12, 2009

"The Sound of Music"
by Jason_Collins
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Maria, portrayed by Stacy Stevenson, sings the opening song to the “Sound of Music” during their rehearsal Tuesday evening.
view image

I was at the college this past week shooting promo pictures for an upcoming production of “The Sound of Music.”

I decided to hang around for the rehearsal as I was curious about the show.

I have seen quite a few community productions and most are tolerable with praise like, “that was really good for a town our size.” It is a polite way of saying, “I would be really disappointed if I had paid more than $5 for the ticket.”

This one was different. The main character, Stacy Stevenson, slipped into her character of Maria and not only sang the words but felt their meaning.

Musicals like this are difficult to perform as so much not only relies on the person's voice but their actions while singing.

They must keep their character even while making sure they hit the notes.

Myself, I cannot sing and do not pretend to have the ability so I hold those with this talent in high-regard.

I am giving high praise to Stacy without having seen the whole production but I am confident that if the first scenes are an indicator of the rest of the performance, it will be worth the money.

I am not trying to slight the rest of the cast. It is just that she had a majority of the scenes that evening.

I am eager for the dress rehearsals to see how far she and the others will take this show.

Info on the concert

The Coastal Bend College Performing Arts Community Project is presenting the Rogers and Hammerstein musical, The Sound of Music, April 30 through May 3.  Tickets are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for students and children. Patrons may call or come by the CBC Theater Box office at 361-354-2545 Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. to make reservations and purchase tickets using a credit card. The box office located in the Gertrude R. Jones Fine Arts Building Patrons may also go to to purchase tickets.

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