Liberals by HellFire
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Liberals Thought Process
by HellFire
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This video is the best description of a liberal I have seen.

When watching the video the exact rhetoric comes from a blograt here. Guess who LOL!

Observe comments suggesting use of an illegal drug revealing an addictive personality. Opening the subject of addictive personalities is far beyond an undertaking I wish to pursue on this blog and far, far beyond the comprehension of blograts. Suffice it to say there is ample proof provided by the blograt to sustain findings of a severe blog addiction.

Here on this blog we have a perfect example of a liberal with 14 postings and over 30 responses and comments in just 2 days from someone claiming to be on vacation. Not only on vacation but also in another country.

Maybe they are visiting the relatives, the Taliban.

Observe how they gloat at responses to her unbelievable stories. Anyone that is on vacation, let alone in a foreign country, that stays glued to a blog has got some insurmountable severe blog addiction issues. Real issues here folks… Were talking addiction.

Observe the reaction when cornered with facts. What the liberal does is try to squirm out with deceit.

She makes statements then slithers when confronted with facts and truth.

Unbelievable stories, rhetoric and hate spews from the typical liberal. Powerful reasons to turn out and vote to throw the ILLEGAL ALIEN AMERICAN HATING LYING RACIST ANTI GOD MUSLIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE OUT!!!

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May 31, 2012
HF you cant argue with fools, they will just bring you down to their level, as you said, and beat you with experience.