Socialist Blograts Are Scared Of Truth by MiddleORoad
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Socialist Blograts Scared of Truth
by MiddleORoad
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Every time a reprobate is given a little rope they smoke it or hang their self. Admitted socialists ignore truths when they get in the way of their deception. Socialist blograts try to distort truths and history if allowed. Socialism dies in the light of exposure. Below SaltPork makes great points which are ignored. I will take the liberty of posting them and hope Saltpork don't mind. Here they are: Saltpork | 12 Hours Ago The Obama Secret Service immersed in prostitution scandals. The Obama Energy Department immersed in Solyndra-Fisker scandals. The Obama Justice Dept immersed in Fast&Furious - Black Panther scandals. The OBAMA GSA presidential appointees immersed in scandals. The OBAMA Safe Schools Czar immersed in NAMBLA pedophile scandals. The OBAMA Science Czar immersed in forced-abortion, forced sterilization scandals. Is there ANYONE in the Obama Administration that does not hate America? Is ANYONE in the Obama Administration NOT a filthy, scumsucking, lying, corrupt doushbag? Anyone? Read more: - entry Obama LIES About US Military Family Ties
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April 28, 2012
I recall that you were quite upset when the blogs were moved to the back pages--you even lashed out at me at the time. There were also plenty of people that were quite happy not to see the graphics that were insulting to the president displayed on the front page also.

Once again, we had another example of Republicans rewriting history when things don't go their way. LOL!